Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Proposed Improvements to Kings Heath High Street

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A number of changes to Kings Heath High Street have just been given or just about to given financial approval. The changes are being done to improve the flow of traffic and parking along the High Street corridor and it is anticipated that they will be installed, subject to consulation approval, by April 2009.

Changes that have been approved as part of the Tackling Congestion Programme are as follows:

1) Resiting of the number 11 and number 50 bus stop in front of the Pear Tree pub, Alcester Road South
The intention is to shuffle these bus stops along about 20feet towards Addison Road. The problem we have is with the siting of the number 11 bus stop and its close proximity to a central reservation. During peak times, it is not uncommon to have two number 11 buses at this bus stop. This situation prevents overtaking the buses due to the location of the central reservation. This is turn leads to a build up of traffic down the High Street.

2) Resiting of the number 11 bus stop on Vicarage Road in front of the All Saints Church developement.
This bus stop will be moved a few feet to accomadate a new vehicle entrance to the All Sainst Church developement. Agreement has been reached with All Saints Church to donate a small slighter of land to accomadate the bus shelter, plus provide room for pedestrians to get past.

3) Remove loading bay in front of the former butchers, next to Boots Chemists.
This loading bay was installed about two years ago at the request of the local butchers. Unfortunately, the loading bay has been used by other neighbouring shops and is causing major problems on the High Street. Whenever a lorry occupies this space to unload, the whole High Street grinds to a halt.

4) Installation of left filer lane at Alcester Road/Queensbridge Road junction.
This will be installed in the into-city direction, so that traffic can continue to flow out of the High Street into Queensbridge Road, even when the lights are red in the into Moseley direction.

Changes that are expected to receive financial approval on 3rd September
5) Introduction of 1 hour waiting on York Road
6) Introduction on 1 hour waiting, plus double yellow lines on Heathfield Road, between its High Street junction and the Community Centre.

This changes are being introduced since shop and bank workers are clogging up the side roads imediately off the High Street. For example, the spaces in front of the shops on York Road are completely clogged up all day with local bank workers. There is a need to push this all day parking further out from the High Street and allow shoppers to park close to the shops.

Informal consultation has already taken place with the shops of York Road to accomadate there needs in this scheme.

Once we have the York Road and Heathfield Road one-hour parking up and running, informal consultation will begin on one hour parking in the following locations:

a) Kingsfield Road
b) Institute Road – southside only – from High Street to Sports Centre
c) Bank Street – from High Street junction to the start of the residential houses
d) Grange Road – from High Street junction to the start of the residential houses
e) Station Road -– from High Street junction to the start of the residential houses


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Does the one hour waiting on York Road relate only to the shopping area or the residential area as well?


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