Monday, June 30, 2008

Cable boxes go green in Moseley and kings Heath

The process of re-painting all the Virgin Media cable boxes dark green in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward has started. The first lot have been repainted on Chantry Road and Alcester Road between Moseley and Kings Heath.

They are being painted dark green as an attempt to reduce the number of times Virgin Media cable boxes are graffiti tagged. Half of all reported graffiti tags are on Virgin Media cable boxes.
This decision is the initiative of Councillor Martin Mullaney. Birmingham is the only local authority in Britain where the cable boxes are NOT dark green. They are all light grey in Birmingham at the Council’s insistence.

Virgin Media prefer dark green since they find they are tagged less. Observations locally have shown the dark green BT boxes are tagged significantly less than the light grey Virgin Media boxes. It is believed, that the local graffiti taggers prefer the light grey surfaces since it shows up their black felt tip pens more.

Councillor Mullaney contacted Virgin Media to see if the cable boxes in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward could be re-painted dark green.

Moseley and Kings Heath Ward along with Springfield Ward were recently found in a Council survey to the only Wards in south and west Birmingham to be reversing the trend of ever increasing graffiti tagging.


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