Monday, July 28, 2008

Update on Scaffolding on St.Marys Row, Moseley

Before I go into where we are with regards to the scaffolding on St.Marys Row, could I direct you to two pages on my blog which give you some background as to why this scaffolding is here.

Two pages:


Where we are at the moment, is that we are waiting for the insurance company for the newsagent to sign a contract with the Chinese resturant owner to agree works, payment and legal niceties such as the Party Wall Act.

From a Council viewpoint, we have refused to re-new the permit to allow the scaffolding to remain on the public highway. This is so that we can start court proceedings, if there is unreasonable delay in signing the contract. It would be easier and cheaper all round, if the insurance and owner of the chinese restaurant can resolve things themselves, however we need a plan B if that fails. Plan B would be dismantling the scaffolding and re-erecting it inside the chinese restaurant.


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