Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on the scaffolding on St.Marys Row

We are gradually moving closer to removing the huge scaffolding on St.Marys Row that has been in place for over 18months.

The scaffolding is holding up the frontage of two shops - a newsagents and a chinese restaurant. The frontages require holding up, since the Chinese restaurant unit was built (circa 1900) with the frontage on top of a brick sided water well. The section of ironwork that held up the frontage above the well, has rotted and the frontage is now collapsing into the well.

To complicate matters, the chinese restaurant unit was not insured. So over the last 18months, there have been disagreements between the property owner and the insurance company for the newsagents about who is liable and how much it will cost to make right.

A meeting took place this week between Council officers and the relevant property owners. The Council want the scaffolding removed asap, since it is an eyesore, it is obstructing the free flow of traffic on St.Marys Row and it is affecting the traffic signals at the junction of St.Marys Row and Alcester Road - there is a sensor buried in the road next to the scaffold and this is being affected.

At the meeting it was agreed that the property owner of the chinese restaurant would be given 28days to find a cheaper offer to repair the subsidense. The present estimate has been presented by the insurance company for the newsagent. If the owner can't find a cheaper offer, then they have agreed to go with the insurance company estimate. It was made clear by the Council officers, that if work does not start after the 28 days, then the Council will seek a court order to enter the restaurant premises, so that they can re-erect the scaffolding inside the restaurant.


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