Monday, August 18, 2008

Graffiti on Avenue Road/Dads Lane railway bridge, Kings Heath

I've been contacted by a number of residents to inform me that Avenue Road/Dads Lane railway bridge has been graffiti-ed again - see photos below.

What is particularly frustrating was that this bridge was repainted by Network Rail in early July in preparation for Kings Heath Floral Trail - many thanks are due to the efforts of the volunteers of Kings Heath Floral Trail in pursuading Network Rail to repaint this bridge.

Prior to its repainting, the bridge had been similarly graffiti-ed by a local teenager using the tag 'ERORS'. The same teenager has now tagged the bridge again.

I've been down to the bridge this morning to work out how he is tagging the bridge at such a high point. As the attached photos show, he gets access at one corner of the bridge, where there is no fencing - next to 86 Avenue Road.

Looking at the size of the tag, it is clear the teenager is then clambering on the outside of the bridge along a narrow ledge - he uses one arm on the bridge rail to stop he falling onto the road below. He manages to get down and off this narow ledge by using a small step at each corner of the bridge.

I've contacted the maintenance department of Network Rail with the attached photos, which in turn they will forward onto the British Transport Police for intelligence.

The objective will be first to stop any future graffiti on the bridge, by making it secure. Next will be to get it re-painted. Getting it repainted will not be quick, since the road has to be closed to repaint the bridge.


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