Monday, August 18, 2008

Feedback required on dog mess dispensers in Highbury Park

I wonder if readers could provide feedback on the success or failure or inbetween of the two dog bag mess bag dispensers in Highbury Park.

There are two dispensers - one at the High Street entrance and the other at the car park in the centre of the park. Both were installed in the first week of July.

What we know so far is:
1) there has been no vandalism on the dispensers - this was on of our biggest fears, namely that someone would pull all the bags out and scatter them around the park. This hasn't happened and the boards haven't been graffiti-ed either
2) the bags ARE being used, but more than we anticipated. The original estimate for use was 100bags per week per dispenser. We have ended up dispensing 500bags per week per dispenser - or 1000bags for both dispensers per week. This equates to about 70dogs per day. This high usage of bags has resulted in the dog dispenser at the car park regularly running out of bags.
3) the Highbury Park Assistant Ranger informs me that he has seen a significant reduction in dog mess in the park since the dog dispensers were installed.

What I like to know from residents, especially dog walkers and users of Highbury Park, is the following:
a) are you happy with the way the dog dispensers are working? Are there opportunities to improve their effectiveness?
b) do you think that 70 dogs a day are walked through Highbury Park each day?
c) have you seen a reduction in dog mess in Highbury Park?
d) have you seen a reduction in dog mess in the roads around Highbury Park? I'm particularly interested in roads around Grange Road, Heathfield Road and School Road.


At 10:51 PM, Blogger Simon Felton said...

I live on Dad's Lane and often catch the 35 and cut through the park to Dad's Lane. When i've walked through at times varying from 4.30 to 5.30pm i have noticed at least 4 - 6 dogs being walked.

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Togalosh said...

We are only new dog owners so cannot comment on how things have changed but were really impressed when we saw that free pooh bags were available at the park.

I think I can shed some light on the bag useage as it does seem high and I don't suppose anyone is counting the bags out & in (to the bins)again.

We took 1 or 2 bags as a precausion but did not use them. I'm sure this could be common practise & would account for the extra useage you did not initially account for. We only use Highbury park as it's the prefect place & would also then use the bags to & from it. We did take a carrier bag but it was bulky & found these council ones better.

The bins themselves I feel could do with being pedal operated to prevent cross contamination to the user & their' clothing(as in commercail kitchens). This might also increase their useage.

Also I wonder about the cost of emptying them out. Could soak away type recepticles help with that?..but what to do with the bags..??

Again I'm impressed with your work.

Many thanks


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