Sunday, October 19, 2008

new system of litter picking in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward

As of the 1st August 2008, the way litter is picked in Moseley and Kings
Heath Ward has changed. I have uploaded a series of  maps at which show the new
system of working.

Prior to these changes, the way litter was picked was very inefficent.
Litter picking was done along fixed routes, with no room for flexiblity.
Only half the roads in the Ward were litter picked. Also, litter pickers
only picked off specified types of land - one litter picker picked litter
off pavements, another off grass verges, another one picked off shop
frontages and occasionally someone would pick litter from underneath bushes.
To make things even more complicated, litter pickers would come from
different depots and have different line managers. In short no single person
had overall responsiblity for reducing litter in the Ward. From my
perspective, as a local Councillor, I had to keep a group of maps showing
which depot individual litter pickers came from, so I could forward any
issues raised by residents - it was a nightmare.

After negotiations with the Trade Unions, the litter picking has changed.

All litter picking, refuse collection, recycling collection and litter bins
now comes under one line manager. That line manager will try to come to as
many public meetings as possible so that any concerns by the public can be
raised with him. The Moseley Street Wardens now have his mobile number, so
any issues they see they can raised immediately with him.

The litter pickers are now working in groups and pick litter whatever land
it is on. Also, the objective is to litter pick all roads in the Ward and
have the flexiblity to focus on 'litter hotspots'.


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