Monday, October 27, 2008

Red Route brochure uploaded

As part of the debate on congestion along the A435 (Alcester Road South, Alcester Road and Moseley Road)
I've uploaded a brochure I have been sent at -
There is also another website giving more details on Red Routes in the West Midlands at
At the moment, Birmingham City Council are preparing a bid to the Department for Transport for the next phase of Red Routes in the city. The routes being examined are the Alcester Road corridor, Hagley Road, Dudley Road and Warwick Road.
If the bid is successful, then the intention is to start cnsultation in 2010/11 with implementation in 2012.
If however, there is a particular corridor were residents are supportive of a Red Route, then a much cheaper version would be done using Council funds - this could be installed in 2010. In this version present double yellow lines would be replaced with double red lines - loading bays and disabled bays would also be installed


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