Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kings Heath bids to be one of the 12 ‘Portas Pilots’ around the UK

The Kings Heath Town Centre manager has me a link to a YouTube video that the Kings Heath Town Centre Partnership has created in its bid to become one of the 12 ‘Portas Pilots’ in the UK.


They are applying for over £90,000 to fund initiatives which will improve customer service, customer loyalty and sustainability. They are urging us to view the video and leave a comment (positive please).

Also send the link to others who live or work in the area and would be in support of getting funds in to Kings Heath. The more views and comments they get, the more they can demonstrate community and business buy in to Kings Heath.

The full application was sent to Birmingham City Council during the week so that they can issue them with a letter of support. It will then be submit it to the Portas people by the 30th.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!


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