Friday, March 16, 2012

Update on Moseley Road baths – 16th March 2012

I attended a contractors meeting on Wednesday to get an update on work to get Moseley Road baths re-opened.

The contractors are still assuring me that they will be finished and out of the building by 4th April. However, our engineers have identified another problem, which I’m hoping will be resolved within the next week.

I attach a whole series of photos showing the work that is taking place.

The problem that our engineers have identified is that the timber frames of the roof-level windows in Pool 2, are rotten in places. This has raised concerns that within between now and the big restoration starting mid-2014, some the glass panes may come loose and fall into the pool below.

There are three possible solutions to this:

  • Cover the windows in plywood
  • Cover the windows with 6mm thick transparent Perspex
  • Cover the windows with netting.

We are expecting a report from our structural engineers on Monday, which will say which windows need additional safety features.

As you will see from the attached photos, work is on-going on removing the lead paint from the ceiling in Pool 2. On the roof of pool 2, we are also replacing all lead roof flashing with a lead alternative.

For more on the flaky paint issue, please read my blog report at

For more information on the stolen roof lead, please see my other blog report at












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