Saturday, March 24, 2012

Restoration of the Victorian bandstand in Cannon Hill Park

Work began in early March on a £40,000 restoration of the statutory listed grade II, Victorian bandstand in Cannon Hill Park. Visitors to the park will presently see the bandstand covered in scaffolding.

I attach photos showing details of the work.

The main bulk of the work was to replace the asbestos containing tiles on the roof. The tiles were well passed their design life and there was concern that they had become porous and were letting water in the structure beneath.

The tiles have all been removed and it has been discovered, as expected, that water has penetrated the wooden structure underneath. As a result there is alot of rotten wood that needs replacing.

The level of rotten wood is thankfully not structurally. If we hadn’t done this work now, then 5 years down the line, we could have ended up with a restoration exercise costing hundreds of thousands of pounds.

New asbestos free felt tiles are now been cut to size and shaped to match the original Victorian design.








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