Thursday, March 22, 2012

Balsall Heath Councillors in Turmoil

I received my monthly edition of the ever excellent Balsall Heathan today. A really good local magazine, that I always enjoy reading.

I flicked to the letters page and saw the following letter:

Dear Editor,

I got a nasty shock the other day. Two of our Councillors had a very public row in my residents meeting. I spend half my time getting my neighbours to be nice and not back-bite. So, this came across as setting a really bad example. Can our Councillors please get on and support us?

Yours ever,
Kinver Croft

I would normally ignore such letters, since all local Councillors will have a bad day. However, in light of the embarrassing scene by two of the Sparkbrook Ward Councillors (Balsall Heath is in Sparkbrook Ward) see

I do wander if things are falling apart politically between the Sparkbrook Ward Labour Councillors.


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