Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birmingham City Councillor appears to be "drunk" at public meeting

I attended the Hall Green constituency meeting last night where I witnessed the most appalling behaviour by a Councillor at a council meeting that I have attended in my eight years as a Birmingham City Councillor.

Councillor Victoria Quinn, Labour Councillor for Sparkbrook, turned up in what appeared a drunk state and throughout the meeting shouted and used foul language. At one stage, members of the audience were asking the Chair, Councillor Tony Kennedy, to remove her from the meeting since she clearly wasn’t in a fit state to attend the meeting.

Rachel Gillies from the Friends of Moseley Road baths tweetered “At Hall Green Constituency Ctte. Cllr Quinn is pissed as a newt. Appalling.”

During the debate on Moseley Road baths, Cllr Quinn shouted across the room “Councillor Mullaney, you are full of sh*t”. Now I accept that readers may agree with this statement, but you don’t use such foul language when there are school children in the audience. The school children had come to present a petition on the opening hours of Balsall Heath Library.

I had to leave after the first hour, since the meeting clashed with my monthly comedy club. Talking to my fellow Councillors at the meeting, they inform me that Councillor Quinn’s behaviour became worse, picking on Council officers and humiliating them in front of the audience.


Subsequent to the publication of the above story, Councillor Quinn has published an apology in she explains her behaviour. Her apology is as follows:

Dear Colleagues,

My behaviour at the last meeting of the Hall Green Constituency Committee
was entirely inappropriate.

For this I owe you all my sincerest apology and explanation as well as my
assurance that I have now sought support. I remain committed to conducting
myself with the fullest professionalism and respect that is required and
deserved by my role, by the Council and most importantly, by the people I

Recently I have been facing some extremely traumatic and pressurising
circumstances. Becoming a Councillor brings its own considerably demanding
burdens. I have been struggling to balance these new responsibilities, but
a week before the meeting I became obliged to take some time off following
the very sudden and tragic loss of my best friend at 38 who has left her 2
year old son, orphaned. I have been taking medication through this trauma
and the night before the meeting, exceeded the recommended dose.

Had I been aware of the particular effect this would have, or how I came
across at the meeting, you have my fullest assurance that I would not have
been present at that meeting or removed myself appropriately at the
earliest opportunity.

Beyond this, I will also make every endeavour to restore the confidence
that I may have undermined as a result of my behaviour in the eyes of my
constituents, and fellow Councillors.

I hope you feel able to accept this apology and explanation.

Kindest regards,

Victoria Quinn


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