Wednesday, August 01, 2007

traffic speed results for School Road and Russell Road areas

Below are the speed results of recent surveys on roads in our Ward. At each locations a double pair of bars were laid on the roads for a week. I'm trying to get hold on the raw data on an Excel spreadsheet, so I can do my own analysis.

The speeds given are the 85th percentile results - 85% of traffic was either doing this speed or slower.

The School Road measurements were done to assist in drawing up School Travel Plans for Kings Heath Primary and Moseley CofE.

The Reddings Road and Russell Road measurements were done following requests from local residents concerned about high speeds on these roads

The areas of concern that immediately stand out from these results are:

1) Russell Road - traffic moving at 40mph. Accidents are a regular occurence at the mini-roundabout. More work is needed on what can be done here. Installation of vertical traffic calming would be limited, since this is an emergency priority route (ie a blue route)

2) School Road, close to Cotton Lane - concern that traffic is doing 30mph as it is getting close to a 20mph zone. Further work needed here.

The full results are as follows

School Road (Northbound): 30.2mph (nr Cotton Lane)
School Road (Southbound): 30.4mph

Reddings Lane (Northbound): 34.2mph
Reddings Lane (Southbound): 33.1mph

Russell Road (Northbound): 39.4mph
Russell Road (Southbound; 38.3mph

Other Surveys near approaches to the roundabout:
Springfield Road (Northbound): 24.8mph
Springfield Road (Southbound): 24.3mph

Cambridge Road (Eastbound): 27.5mph
Cambridge Road (Westbound): 28.6mph

School Road (Northbound): 24.6mph
School Road (Southbound): 24.6mph

Valentine Road (Northbound): 24.8mph
Valentine Road (Southbound): 23.9mph


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