Sunday, July 22, 2007

weekly report back from Moseley Street Wardens - w/e 20th July 2007

Below are details of what our two Moseley Street Wardens did during week ending – 20th July 2007

Moseley Street Wardens are funded by public money granted by the Ward Committee, which consists of the three local Councillors. Moseley Community Development Trust manage the Wardens.

There are two Wardens who focus geographically on Moseley

Patrol village / Route 2
Lamppost 6 in Moseley car park, Alcester Rd dayburning - reported to Street Lighting
Pile of blue rope at traffic lights outside Park Hill Junior and Infants school - reported to Contact Birmingham
Pile of boxes @ 101 Edgbaston Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Black bag @ HSBC. ID recovered - reported to Env Warden
Patrol village / Route 3
Graffiti street furniture - reported to Heartlands RSO
Tree cutting sign @ 9 Moocroft Rd - reported to Manor Park Farm
Driveways sign on tree @ 56 Moorcroft Rd - reported to Driveways
Black bag on pavement opp. 112 Moorcroft Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Pile of branches opp. 112 Moorcroft - reported to Run A Muck

Patrolled village
Box of rubbish still @ 210 Alcester Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Speak with manager of HSBC re: black bag on pavement

Patrolled village / Route 1
Tidy recycling area
Rubbish pile at rear of Regards restaurant. Speak with manager - reported to Env Health
Damaged / abandoned trailer xxxxx obstructing pavement @ Simon Court, Alcester Rd - reported to Highways
Mattress @ jct. Trafalgar Rd / Louise Lorne Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Binbag @ 40 Woodbridge Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Sofa on land adj 65 Church Rd - reported to Env Health
Drain cover removed / large stone blocking drain @ Doctor's surgery, Newport Rd (@jct with Church Rd) - reported to Highways
Pallet / chair @ 2-6 Newport Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Mattress @ 35 Kingswood Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Mattress @ 53 Kingswood Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
2 x Calor Gas bottles @ jct. Chestnut / Church - reported to Calor
Dixons/Superior opp. 8 St. Albans Rd - reported to Dixons
Possible sewage leak @ 1 St.Albans Rd - reported to Severn Trent
Patrol village / Route 1 (alt)
Graffiti street furniture
Bag of green bags @ 3 Wake Green Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Broken window in phonebox @ jct Belle Walk / Woodstock Rd - reported to BT
Tubs of paint opp. 3 Queenswood Rd - reported to Contact Birmingham
Building material obstructing pavement opp 34 Mayfield Rd - reported to Highways
Large brick pillar obstructing pavement @ 109 Anderton Park Rd - reported to Highways

Patrolled village
Speak with new Environmental Warden re: training

Crime & ASBO
Contact Police re: minor altercation between Norman (drinker) and unknown Asian male (drinker)

Contact Police re; drinker abusing traders / residents on Village Green

Community / other
Photographs etc for Birmingham News article


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