Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alleyways that need gating off in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward

A pot of money has become available to gate off some alleyways in the Moseley and Kings Heath Ward. It’s not a large sum, but it is enough to gate off a handful of alleyways.

Priority will be given to alleyways that suffer from continual flytipping.

Below is my list of alleyways that need gating off. I have comments next to each one.

I would welcome comments and any other addition alleyways that need fencing or gating off.

alleyway behind 2-28 Bank Street, Kings Heath - I think this has already been gated off - needs to be checked

all alleyways off Farqhuar Road/ Tudor Road/ Leighton Road, Moseley this is a good one. Visual inspection required, but would suggest looking at gating off the following alleyways are (1) next to 1 Farqhuar Road (2) next to 19 Farqhuar Road (3) next to 1 Leighton Road (4) next to 7 Leighton Road (5) next to 17 Leighton Road (6) next ot 43 Leighton Road (7) next to 53 Leighton Road (8) next to 46 Leighton Road (9) next to 24 Tudor Road (10) next to 2 Tudor Road (11) next to 1 Tudor Road (12) next ot 19 Tudor Road (13) next to 18 Farqhuar Road (14) next to 2 Farqhuar Road

The alley enclosed by Queenswood Road/ Chruch Road/ Woodstock Road/ Woodhurst Road, Moseley - This is a non-starter. There is a dispute between two residents which is preventing this alleyway being gated off. Two of the three alleyway entrances are already gated, but they are never closed.

Dads Lane alleyway to the rear of 82 dads lane - 4 shutlock lane, Kings Heath This is a non-starter. Section 215 Notice served on 14/02/07. Not complied with. Access to the site is a problem. Section 196 letter dated 16/7/07 sent to the owners requiring them to give full access to the site on 7/8/07 at 10.30hrs.

abandoned land next to 22 Sandford Road, Moseley not sure of the history of this land. It is tarmaced and clearly intended for car parking, although never used. Constant flytipping there.

alleyway that runs down the side of 41 Belle Walk and then down the side of 123 Yardley Wood Road, Moseley - a lot of graffiti tagging here. Gating this off would improve the security of a number of houses. Urban Design did do a consultation exercise of getting this gated off - need to find out why the gating never went ahead.

alleyway to the side of 209 Grange Road, Kings Heath - occasional flytipping here. Would improve the security of a number of houses

alleyway to the side of 133 Highbury Road, Kings Heath - regular wall for graffiti tagging. Would improve the security of a number of houses
alleyway to the side of 1 Fenter Close, Moseley - this is a Focus Hosuing owned alleyway. Dumping of rubbish here is a constant problem. Gating it off would improve the security of a number of properties

rear of Woolworth’s, Kings Heath - the rear service road between the Woolworth’s building and St.Dunstan's car park needs fencing off. This area is a wind trap for litter which accumulates in corners here. Also, this area is constantly being graffiti tagged


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