Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on Meteor Ford tree protest

Just an update on the protest against the cutting down of the mature chestnut tree on the Meteor Ford site, corner of Oxford Road and St Marys Row, Moseley.

After a 4 hour stand-off between protestors (including myself and Councillor Ernie Hendricks) and the contractor, the police mediated between us. The contractor agree to suspend any more operations for today, so that the local Ward Councillors could talk to planning to see if anything could be done to protect the tree or stop it being cut down.

Just for some background: the contractor tried to cut the tree down two Sundays ago. A local resident contacted Councillor Ernie Hendricks, who then went straight out to the contractor who was setting up to chop down the tree. Ernie them told that that as far as he was aware, they did not having planning permission to cut down the tree, since it was a condition of the planning permission for the Tesco’s supermarket that it was retained. The contractor then agreed to stop work.

Further investigation by Ernie, has shown that the developer wants the tree removed, since its roots would be in the way. Ernie asked for evidence to support this and why the development could not be altered, so as to retain the tree. So far no evidence has been provided.

Then this morning at 8.20am, Ernie is telephoned by the same resident, to say the contractors have started removing some of the branches. Ernie went straight out and stood under the tree to stop the work and then contacted me..........and I e-mailed, twitter and telephone everyone to help join the protest.

I attach photos, showing the tree in question, plus photos from the protest.







At 7:58 PM, Blogger Clear View Tree said...

For what reason would a tree that holds so much grace in the area need to be brought down? And then the police? People are so overshadowed and stepped on.

-Oscar Valencia
Tree Service Bronx


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