Saturday, April 07, 2012

Croquet comes to Cannon Hill Park on Sunday 15th April

I know this is going to sound like a mad idea. I’ve invited Edgbaston Croquet Club to do a couple of taster sessions for Croquet in the Bowling Green in Cannon Hill Park on Sunday 15th April and Saturday 21st April. They agreed “like a shot”.

Its all free – free equipment hire, free sessions. All we ask is that you wear flat shoes –trainers or similar – to protect the grass. We are planning “Open House” from 14.00h to about 17.00h on each of these dates. You can watch, play and learn a thing or two from a current England International and other Croquet Club members.

The bowling green is between the MAC and the tennis courts.....or even more precise immediately next to the former ticket office for the rowing boats in the big lake.

Edgbaston Croquet Club has existed since 1900 and is the leading West Midlands Croquet Club. Their base in Richmond Hill Road is a tranquil haven, where possible new starters are welcome to drop by – especially on Wednesday & Saturday afternoons. Beginners get plenty of help and guidance, whether the interest is in convivial, gentle exercise or serious sporting ambition.

Croquet is enjoying a strong upsurge. Edgbaston was host to the qualifiers for the last World Championships. The age profile is altering dramatically, with half of the England Squad for the latest World Champs being aged between 16 & 25.

This is an experiment to see what the appetite is for Croquet sessions in Cannon Hill Park. I think Croquet is a great relaxing sport for all the family and groups of is very sociable and notorious for wicked cheating. Ladies in long dresses have been known to conceal Croquet balls under their dresses and kick them along.

You may have read about Croquet in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ where the Queen of Hearts uses live flamingos as mallets. Well I can’t promise live flamingos or even an appearance by the Queen of Hearts, but hopefully this will prove popular and the start of another great activity in Cannon Hill Park.


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