Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Date set for work to start installing the new roof on Kings Heath Library

The date has now been set for contractors to start work on installing a new roof on Kings Heath Library. The date is Monday 14th May.

This is part of a £300,000 investment in Kings Heath Library and the work will involve the following:

The contractors intend to initially focus on the replacing the skylight in the presently closed ‘learning centre’. This will enable them to understand the structure of the Edwardian skylight, which can then be replicated across the other skylights.

The work will take 16 weeks to complete and the intention is to keep the closure of the library to a minimum by partially closing sections of the library wherever a skylight is being replaced.

Once the new skylights are installed, the permanent scaffolding will be removed.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger Janet King said...

Congratulations on Kings Heath library, Martin. Whilst other (mainly Labour) councils threaten closures, you are actually improving opur libraries. Would you come to Bromsgrove Lib Dems fund raising skittles and supper evening on friday 11th May at Catshill Social Club? Contact for more info.


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