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update on the Healthy Hearts project for Moseley and Kings Heath Ward

Below is an update on the Healthy Hearts project - this is being funded out of Neighbourhood Renewal Funds for Moseley and Kings Heath Ward. cost of project is £36,004

Healthy Heart Service Update – 30th November 2007
Moseley and Kings Heath

1.0 Background

The Floor Target Action Plan (FTAP) demonstrates the variations in male life expectancy often correlates with levels of deprivation and that effective access to primary care is a key issue for many men across the city. Many of the most deprived areas contain disproportionate numbers of black and ethnic minority communities, who may face additional barriers in accessing these services for reasons such as language, culture of habit, and lack of familiarity of services. The Healthy Heart Service seeks to raise awareness of health issues amongst men of all ethnic backgrounds across the city, with a focus on those that do not regularly access primary care and who might therefore be unaware of their health status or potential underlying conditions.

2.0 Design of Service – Moseley & Kings Heath

The Healthy Heart Service is delivered by Gateway Family Services CIC (GFS CIC), a local community interest company (a form of social enterprise) that aims to reduce inequality in learning, employment and health.

It provides 1 w-t-e for the Moseley and Kings Heath ward (xxxxxxxx) and a bank of sessional workers. xxxxxx is also supported by other Healthy Heart Workers, also employed by GFS CIC.

The four main areas of activities within the HHW remit are:

blood pressure and diabetes screening
Smoking cessation
Physical activity
Healthy eating

Within the Kings Heath and Moseley ward, a combined approach of outreach work coupled with systematic case finding with local GP practices has been agreed.

The focus of the service is on men, aged 40 or over, however, women can also access the service as it is recognised that they are often integral to the process of working with men. The HHW will work with the whole family wherever required, particularly around healthy eating.

In addition to daytime hours, HHW’s are contracted to work evenings and weekends. This is necessary as often opening times of services can be a real barrier for people accessing services. Home visits are also part of the service.

3.0 Community Engagement

HHW has linked with Pharmacies in Moseley and Kings Heath to identify what additional services they offer. Pharmacies have agreed to promote and refer people to the service. Further meetings have been arranged to agree referral protocol.

HHW has established good links and key contacts at Moseley Community Development Trust. HHW will run sessions alongside events already arranged by MCDT in December ’07 and January ‘08.

‘Green Doctors’, are also based at MCDT. They promote energy efficiency with individuals aged 50 and over. This is done via home visits. Green Doctors have also agreed to signpost people to the HH service.

Moseley and District Housing Association are keen to work with the HH service and have also disseminated information about the HH service to other agencies that they work with.

HHW will attend both Kings Heath and Moseley Committee Meetings to further develop knowledge of other groups and services.

4.0 Mainstream Services

Two-way referral routes agreed with local smoking cessation and Food Net/Size Down services.

5.0 Resistance

We have been successful in securing mobile screenings at some pubs in the ward, namely Wetherspoons and O’Neils, however, there has been reluctance from other pubs in the Kings Heath ward. We will re-visit these in January 08. The New Year is an ideal time to offer stop smoking support and we will offer this as a further incentive.

The local bingo halls were approached but were not interested. We will approach their Head Offices, again using smoking cessation as a lever.

Initial contacts with betting shops have been unsuccessful. We will review our approach and try again in the New Year.

6.0 Future Meetings/Presentations:

Bill Banning, Senior Adults Snooker Club, 13th December
Sergeant Steve Radford, Woodbridge Police Station re Pub Watch scheme (tbc)
Sergeant Dale Robertson, Kings Heath Police Station re Pub Watch scheme (tbc)
Moseley Street Wardens (Kim and Graham)
Moseley Committee Meeting – 3rd December 07
Kings Heath Committee Meeting - tbc

7.0 Training

All HHW’s are required to complete the following mandatory training:

OCN Level 3 in Professional Practice (last week is 6th Dec)
Conflict Management (1 day)
Supporting Behavioural change (assessment to do in Dec)
Blood pressure (1 day)
Healthy Eating (In house)
Dietetics training (1 day)
Smoking Cessation (1 day)

8.0 Results to Date

HHW started on the 20th September 2007 and a period of time for induction and training was required. This period was also important in establishing what services were already available in the area and in making links with other organisations. The service became operational in November 2007.

8.1 Case Finding – Working with GP’s

Partner GP has identified approximately 70 men, aged 40 years and over who need a health check. Letters were sent w/c 25/11/07 inviting them to make an appointment. If they do not respond within two weeks they will be telephoned as it is felt that a more proactive approach is required for our target group.

In addition to this systematic appointment approach, the HHW will also be running lifestyle clinics at the practice on Fridays. The practice will also refer patients to this.

We are currently working with one practice in Moseley, however, it is anticipated that we will move onto other practices in the ward in January 2008. We are currently negotiating this with South Birmingham Primary Care Trust.
8.2 Mobile Screening

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Summary of Mobile Screening Results:

56% of people screened were from BME backgrounds
40% of people screened were White British
2% of people screened were of ‘Unknown’ backgrounds

9.0 Mobile Screening Timetable

1st November 2007
Kings Heath Library
2nd November 2007
Kings Heath Neighbourhood Office
9th November 2007
Lidl Kings Heath
10th November 2007
Lidl Kings Heath
14th November 2007
Kings Heath Cricket Club
17th November 2007
Hamza Mosque
29th November 2007
Sainsbury’s, Moseley High Street
6th December 2007
O’Neills Pub, Moseley
8th December 2007
Auto Garage, Moseley
9th December 2007
Cocks Moor Woods Golf Course
10th December 2007
Wetherspoons Pub, Moseley
15th December 2007
Lidl, Kings Heath
22nd December 2007
In Shops, Kings Heath
29th December 2007
In Shops, Kings Heath
26th January 2008
Moseley Farmers Market
Reily’s Snooker Hall
Homebase, Kings Heath

10. Future Plans

Organisation of additional mobile screening using learning from previous events
Attend Committee meetings to learn more about other organisations/key contacts in ward.
Continue work with GP practices

11.0 Quarterly Report

A full report, which will include case studies of service users, particularly those accessing lifestyle advice sessions or being supported to access other services will be submitted on the 20th December 2007.


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