Sunday, November 11, 2007

Highway Maintenance Programme 2008/9 - councillor list

Thank you to everyone who nominated stretches of road or pavement that need inclusion in the 2008/9 Highway Maintenance Programme

The compiled list is as follows, which I have sent off to Highways for investigation and possible inclusion

Sandford Road - complete length
re-surface road
Anderton Park Road -complete length
re-surface road
St.Albans Road - complete length
re-surface road
St.Marys Row - in front of shops from Oxford Road to Alcester Road
re-surface pavement or block pave to match rest of shopping centre
old section of Holders Lane that leads down to Moor Green Allotments
re-surface road
Russell Road next to Cannon Hill entrance
re-surface Road
Station Road, between Highbury Road and Avenue Road
re-surface road
Melton Road - entire length
re-surface pavement
junction of York Road with Station Road
re-surface road


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