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Kings Heath Environmental Warden report - 12th to 23rd Nov

Below are details of what our Environmental Warden did between 12th to 23rd November 2007

The Environmental Warden is funded by public money granted by the Ward Committee, which consists of the three local Councillors. The Council manages the Warden.

The Environment Warden patrols Kings Heath and helps in Moseley when required for issuing of fines.

ROADS LEAFLETED (these are roads where there has been a complaint about advanced bin bags and the Warden leaflets the households reminding them not to leave bin bags out too early
Advancement high st 13/11/2007 10 leaflets

"BAG SEARCHES (this is where bin bags left out too early are opened up by Beth to look for evidence of who left the bag on the pavement. If evidence is found, then the resident is fined £75 through a Section 46 notice)
South rd 14/11/2007 1 bag-id found
High st 14/11/2007 1 bag-no id found
Grange rd 14/11/2007 6 bags- no id found
Fairfield rd 21/11/2007 1 bag-no found
goldsmith rd 21/11/2007 1 bag-no id found

LETTER SENT (these are either warning letters or issuing of fines)
High st 14/11/2007 Advancement
Mayfield rd 16/11/2007 Advancement
Woodhurst rd 16/11/2007 Advancement
Moseley rd 16/11/2007 Advancement
Church rd 16/11/2007 Advancement
Anderton park rd 16/11/2007 Advancement
Augusta rd 16/11/2007 Advancement
St Marys row 20/11/2007 Advancement
grange rd 22/11/2007 rubbish in garden
york rd 23/11/2007 rubbish in garden

"GRAFFITI reported
fence 70 avenue rd 14/11/2007
side wall 12 grange rd 14/11/2007
bridge dads lane 14/11/2007
side wall 71 silver st 14/11/2007
side wall 51 bank st 14/11/2007
back wall argos grange rd 14/11/2007
side wall 167 grange rd on south rd (pic included) 14/11/2007
side wall 34 bank st 14/11/2007
v box opp 51 bank st 14/11/2007
fence opp 26 south rd (pic included) 14/11/2007
v box opp 79 silver st 14/11/2007
v box highbury rd corner vicarage rd 14/11/2007
side wall 140 alcester rd (chalk) 14/11/2007
road sign by 350 alcester rd 14/11/2007
cable box nxt 6 high st on station rd 14/11/2007
bin nxt 209 grange rd 14/11/2007
frontage 123 school rd 14/11/2007
wall 63 avenue rd 14/11/2007
recycle box avenue rd opp 58 14/11/2007
back wall powerhouse 120 high st 14/11/2007
Lampost o/s 159 Yardley Wood rd 21/11/2007
Fence opp 268/272 Yardley Wood rd (pic's) 21/11/2007
Wall opp 7 Dyott rd 21/11/2007
Virgin box nxt 51a Cotton lane 21/11/2007
BT box corner Grove Avenue & Wakegreen rd 21/11/2007
Virgin box corner Grove avenue & Oxford rd 21/11/2007
V box corner Grove rd & Cotton lane 21/11/2007
V box nxt 50 Cotton lane 21/11/2007
Wall opp 68 School rd 21/11/2007
Fence opp 18 Melton rd 21/11/2007
V box opp Billesley pub 21/11/2007
V box o/s 240 Wheelers Lane 21/11/2007
Side wall/fence 162 Wheelers lane 21/11/2007
Wall corner woodbridge rd & Alcester rd 21/11/2007
Bridge woodbridge rd 21/11/2007
bridge High st 21/11/2007
bridge Dads lane 21/11/2007

PLACARD EXERCISE – this is where the Warden notes down the details of any placards as possible for prosecution
Wakegreen rd 19-23/11/07 no placards
Alcester rd 19-23/11/07 I placard

Cannon hilll park 23/11/2007
Hibury park 22/11/2007

FOCUS ROADS – these are roads that are recognized to have problems with advanced bin bags. The Warden has to walk these immediately after the refuse crews have picked up the weekly refuse. This is to verify that all rubbish has been picked and therefore any subsequent bin bags left out are advanced.

Trafalgar rd
Woodbridge rd
st albans rd
Kingswood rd
Chestnut rd
Station rd
Grange Rd
westfield RD
York rd
Highbury rd


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