Thursday, August 16, 2007

Update on Kings Heath Centre project


(subject to finalisation of assessments, District/Member agreement and Cabinet Member Approval)

1.1 Traffic signs/poles-
De-clutter and rationalisation of traffic/direction signs and redundant poles, where appropriate.
Also included is a review of all existing TRO related signs inorder to replace faded signs and removing those that are duplicated or out of date (to be carried out inconjunction with review of existing TRO lining).
Constituency Engineer to identify particular signs that need to be removed (such as any signs to local destinations that may have become outdated).

1.2 Network Integrity improvements-
Carry out further Network Integrity improvements as identified by officers and public (further identified locations are welcome).
Read in relation to “General Public and Private Street Furniture co-ordination” on page 2.

1.3 Side road crossing improvements-
Carry out further dropped kerb and tactile paving improvements on the side roads along the route and in the study area, as necessary, inorder to assist the visually impaired, wheelchair users and pedestrians with prams).

1.4 Centro/ Bus access pedestrian improvements-
Agree with Centro a possible funding contribution towards pedestrian related improvements, where agreed, inline with their assessments.

1.5 Traffic Regulation Orders (see “Kings Heath TRO Improvements and Traffic Sites- Summary Note”)-
TRO sites have been assessed as shown on the Summary Note referred to above, for consultation and implementation in 2007/08 (depending on results of Consultation).

1.6 Area Traffic Study (see “Kings Heath TRO Improvements and Traffic Sites- Summary Note”)-
Traffic sites have been assessed as shown on the Summary Note referred to above, for implementation in 2007/08.
This note also identifies possible future improvements at various sites in and around the study area inorder to inform future funding decisions in a comprehensive and considered fashion.

1.7 Jet Washing -
This would need to include the addition of weed suppressant when replacing bonding sand, in the same way as carried out in Moseley area.
A. Colella to liaise with Jeremy Shields to acquire an estimate from the company that carried out the washing in Moseley.
Costing to be acquired for footways between Institute Road and Grange Road (as the core area) and also for footways between Library/Police Station and Mossfield Road.
AC to update all after information received for consideration of funding source.

2.0 Other areas of potential improvements that have previously been raised, which are considered to require District co-ordination with other service areas/Partners for possible separate funding and actioning:-

2.1 General Public and Private Street Furniture co-ordination/Shared Space-
Coordinated agreement to a future street furniture theme, in the same way as in other Local Centres, including that on private areas (i.e., Gala Bingo, etc).
The above and the potential for “Kensington/Chelsea High Street” approach would need to be considered inconjunction within any Planning led initiatives/funding (e.g. Business Improvement District (BID), Local Centres Strategy, Capital Investment Funding, etc). This would need to take account of present Transportation Policy directions.
It is understood that this is being addressed by BCC’s Landscape Practise Group, inconjunction with Planning.

2.2 “A” Board Advertising-
Areas where such boards are located have been referred to Constituency Engineer for possible action.
Any replacement advertising/finger posts would need to be considered from district.
It is understood that will be linked to the BID and no advertising boards are to be removed at present.


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Faith said...

On looking at the update for Kings Heath, Am I correct that Gala Bingo on the High Street, Kings Heath is to be turned into a furniture store? If not, are there any plans for the Gala Bingo Hall, if so, what are they?


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