Sunday, July 01, 2007

weekly report back from Moseley Street Wardens- w/e 22nd June 2007

Below are details of what our two Moseley Street Wardens did during week ending – 22nd June 2007

Moseley Street Wardens are funded by public money granted by the Ward Committee, which consists of the three local Councillors. Moseley Community Development Trust manage the Wardens.

There are two Wardens who focus geographically on Moseley

Patrol village / Route 2
Carpet/mattress/wood/car wheels/fridge door/bin bag adj. 1 Caroline Rd - reported to Beth Peters
Hedge obstructing pavement @ xxx Park Hill - reported to Highways
Stickers on lampposts throughout Village - reported to Beth Peters

Patrolled village / Routes 3 / 4
Hedges overgrown from Moseley Hall hospital on Salisbury Rd - reported to Chris Feather
Graffiti street furniture - reported to Heartlands
Blocked drain @ 72 Salisbury Rd - reported to Highways

Patrolled village / Route 5
Graffiti street furniture / walls - reported to Heartlands / L.T.
To let sign at jtn of Cotton Lane / Oxford Rd - reported to Superior Estates
Bush obstructing footpath outside xxx Grove Avenue - reported to Highways
Carpet / Mattress / Wood / Car Wheels / Fridge door next to 1 Caroline Road - reported to Contact Birmingham
Patrolled village
Cleaned up around re-cycle unit

Patrolled village / Route 1
Furniture / Mattress opposite 129 Anderton Park Road - reported to Contact Birmingham
Wood / bin liner outside 96 Anderton Park Road - reported to Contact Birmingham
Carpet outside 95 Anderton park road - reported to Contact Birmingham
Hole in road at jtn Sandford road / Anderton park road - reported to Highways
Overgrown bush obstructing footpath xxx Sandford Road - reported to Highways
Graffiti on walls - reported to Heartlands

Patrol village / Route 2
Large pile of bags @ 112 Alcester Rd - reported to Beth Peters
Graffiti street furniture / walls

Crime & ASBO
Speak with Rachel Lamerton / Sharon Johnson regards issues next to 1A Chestnut Rd

Speak with xxx resident of Church Rd regards youths and ASB

Drinkers at staire between Moneywise and Prince of wales - reported to Police

Community / other
Update notice boards

Deliver Moseley Festival leaflets on Moor Greem Lane

Work on literature for Moseley Festival

Preparation for Street Fair/Farmers Market


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