Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Update on Woodnorton House site

The Council's property disposals department have given the proposed developer of the Woodnorton site (corner of Alcester Road and Moor Green Lane) until the end of March to finalise their bid and proposal for the site. Otherwise, the Council will end negotiations and talk to the other companies who unsuccessfully bid for the site.

Last Spring, the Council marketed the site using a closed bid auction. Unfortunately, the winning bid has run into problems due to high number of protected trees on the site, which meant they were unable to fit all their proposed 19 apartments onto the site.

The Council want to ensure that the developement that will be built on this site will be acceptable from a planning viewpoint, before selling off the site. Otherwise, the site could be sold and remain abandoned for years as per the Sorrento Hospital site OR the Moseley Road tram depot offices.


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