Monday, February 26, 2007

Section 215 notice issued on property on Dads Lane, Moseley

A Section 215 notice has been issued on the owner of abandoned garages and workshops to the rear of 82 Dads Lane and 4 Shutlock Lane, Moseley.

The owner has until the 14th May 2007 to “remove from the land all rubble, wood, metal and plastic items and maintain the land in a neat and tidy condition thereafter”. If the owner does not comply, the Council will send contractors onto the land to tidy it and charge the owner – once a charge is set against the land a sale of the land will be forced.

A video showing the appalling condition of the land can be seen at

The owners of the land against whom the Section 215 notice has been issued are The Company House, Parkhouse Development Limited, 93 Broad Street, Birmingham B15 1AU.

The exact history of the land is unknown, however it has been abandoned for several years.

Rubbish is regularly dumped there and various anti-social activities take place including drug taking. The place is swarming with rats.

This is the second Section 215 notice to be issued in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward in the last 12 months. An earlier notice was issued on the owner of the former Sorrento Hospital – work to tidy up this property is now almost complete.

Several Section 215 notices on other eyesore properties in the Ward are in the process of being issued.


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