Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moseley Road tram depot offices video

I’ve just uploaded my next video at

It is about the derelict offices at 582 Moseley Road, Moseley, that were the former offices of Trafalgar Road tram depot.

This video is quite controversial since it ended with the cameraman being assaulted by the owner of the property. The owner of this property has since sent me a solicitors letter demanding that all copies of this video are destroyed by the 7th March otherwise they will take me to court. They have not clarified on what grounds they would do this.

I personally feel the video is in the public interest since it shows the appalling condition that this statutory listed building is now in and the scale of gutting of the building. Last summer, the workers on the site dug down so deep that they went below the foundations and the building became structurally unsafe. The video shows how major work then took place to re-strengthen these foundations.

Since the summer, no further work has taken place on the building and this historic building is now open to the elements.

The video also shows how all the drainage pipes around the site have been cut through and not resealed or diverted. Whenever it rains, the entire basement of the building fills with water and resembles a swimming pool. I do have concerns about whether or not any sewage pipes have been cut since Keith Marsden who owns the skateboard park next door complains about the stink from the building at the height of the summer. We have asked the Council to investigate.
I have edited out references to the 3 large advertising hoardings on the front. I have asked the Planning Department to investigate whether or not listed building consent is needed for these.


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