Sunday, February 04, 2007

Report back from Environmental Warden week ending - 26th January 2007

Below are details of what our Environmental Warden did during week ending – 26th January 2007

The Environmental Warden is funded by public money granted by the Ward Committee, which consists of the three local Councillors. The Council manages the Warden.

The Environment Warden patrols Kings Heath and helps in Moseley when required for issuing of fines.

"BAG SEARCHES (this is where bin bags left out too early are opened up by Beth to look for evidence of who left the bag on the pavement. If evidence is found, then the resident is fined £60 through a Section 46 notice)
Woodbridge road - 26/01/2007 letter x 5 black spot keep under watch
Alcester rd car park - 22/01/2007 - verbal warning to the pub, rubbish cleared by next day

LETTER SENT (these are either warning letters or issuing of fines)
warren ave 23/01/2007 Advancement
warren ave 23/01/1900 Advancement
wake green rd 23/01/1900 Advancement

NOTICES SERVED (REF NO) (these are fines)
section 46 24/01/2007
section 46 24/01/2007
section 46 24/01/2007

DUTY OF CARE EXERCISES (this is where shops are asked to provide details on how they dispose of their rubbish. They can be fined if they are unable to produce evidence)
All x 22 Poplar road 21/01/2007 1st/2nd visits
x 6 Institute road 21/01/2007 1st/2nd visits

"GRAFFITI reported
100-102 high street 22/01/2006 heartlands

PLACARD reported
Raveology Moseley 23/01/2007

BUILDERS BAGS reported for removal
middleton rd 24/01/2007
albert rd 24/01/2007


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