Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hall Green constitunecy outstanding graffiti jobs - 22 Nov 2006

Hall Green Constituency (comprising of the following Wards: Sparkbrook;Springfield, Hall Green; Moseley and Kings Heath) have a team dedicated toremoving graffiti and flyposters. Moseley and Kings Heath Ward have anaditional Ward based team employed by Heartlands RSO.Below is a list of outstanding graffiti job as of 22nd Nov 2006 - next toeach job is the name of the person who reported the graffiti



Correspondence rec'd 17.10.06
Cllr D Khan DK01198 - graf Abbotsford Rd *(access problems - 25.10.06)
Cllr Evans - graf - St Pauls School (reminder rec'd 16.11.06)Correspondence rec'd 3.11.06
Email off Martin Holloway -Graffiti - Kings Heath - (some jobs completed7.11.06)

Correspondence rec'd 6.11.06
Cllr Evans - graf Brighton Rd
Cllr Evans - Belvedere Gardens (garages)
Cllr Evans - Church, Springfield Rd - job 1 (Church) done, job 2 (name plateo/s)

Correspondence rec'd 7.11.06
Cllr Evans - graf r/o Kharachi restaurant
Cllr Choudhry - graf Woodlands/SpringfieldCorrespondence rec'd 8.11.06
Cllr Choudhry - TC5639 - graf Reform Church, S'Ford Rd
Cllr Choudhry - TC5640 - graf c'box Greenstead Rd
Cllr Choudhry - TC5642 - graf - 551 S'Ford Rd
Cllr Evans - graf TDCA Centre, Formans Rd
Cllr Evans - graf - MEB substation, Reddings Lane
Cllr Choudhry - graf 27 Heythorp Grove
Cllr Evans - 105 Formans Rd
Cllr Evans - graf c'box opp. 39 Formans Rd

Correspondence rec'd 9.11.06
Cllr Evans - graf opp 3 Palmerstone Rd
Cllr Evans - graf Sovereign Estates, Walford Rd
Cllr Evans - posters - hoardings Court/S'Ford (reminder sent 16.11.06)
Cllr Evans - graf The Firkin, King Edward/AlcesterCorrespondence rec'd 10.11.06
Cllr Mullaney MU01389
Cllr Evans - posters hoardings Ladypool/Studley St

Correspondence rec'd 13.10.06
Graf - Burkes Stores, S'Ford Rd
Graf - wall in Brighton Rd
Posters - traffic boxes Anderton Park Rd
Graf - grit bin and cable box Greenstead Rd
Cllr Choudhry TC5655 - graf s/o 20 Grove Rd
Cllr C TC5656 - paint spill o/s 102 St. Johns Rd
Cllr C TC5679 - graf c'box Old Grange Rd
Cllr C TC5680 - graf PO box Passey/Springfield

Correspondence rec'd 14.11.06
Email off Rob Foster
Email off Cllr Evans re graf Brighton Rd
Email Cllr Evans - graf College Stores, Springfield Rd

Correspondence rec'd 15.11.06
Cllr Evans - poster box j/o Taunton/L'Pool Rd
Cllr Evans - 2 jobs in Ombersley Rd

Correspondence rec'd 16.11.06
Cllr Evans - Graf on wall opp. 80 Fulham Rd
Cllr Evans - posters recycle bin o/s Aldis, S'Ford Rd
Cllr Choudhry TC5724 - graf bandstand Sparkhill Park

Correspondence rec'd from Cllr Evans 17.11.06
Posters and graf Ladypool/StudleyGraf - end house, Mary St.
Graf - Prospect Place
Graf - grit bin Mackenzie Rd
Graf - 80 Mary Street
Graf - CSR International, Moseley Rd

Correspondence rec'd 20.11.06
Cllr D Khan DK01253 - graf pub Long St.
Fax of Husnara Begum - list of jobs.Correspondence rec'd 21.11.06Fax off
Husnara Begum - list of jobs.Correspondence rec'd 22.11.06
Cllr Evans - Graf on Small Heath bridge


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