Monday, November 27, 2006

Update on Woodnorton House site

The Council have agreed on the sale of the Woodnorton House site, corner of Alcester Road and Moor Green Lane.

The site has been un-used since the 1999.

Between January and April this year, the Council advertised a 125 year lease of the site on the open market. Out of 22 bids, the Council decided to explore three of them. The 3 bids were examined by the Planning department who made comments on the proposed bids. The three bidders altered their designs accordingly and their final bidding price.

The winning bid involves the demolition of the main Woodnorton House and the building of 19 apartments. The bungalow at the Moor Green Road entrance will be restored and become one of the apartments. The bungalow was historically and architecturally more important than the main Woodnorton House and part of the deal was that it was retained.

The contract between the Council and the winnng bidder will be signed on the 11th December. The bidder provides a 10% deposit. The bidder then has 4 months to get planning consent for the 19 apartments - expect a planning application in mid-December. Once the planning consent is granted, the Council will then complete the contract - this should happen in mid-April.


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