Monday, November 27, 2006

Cost of running Moseley Road baths

One of the issues that has been raised during the Conservation Appraisal of Moseley Road baths is the cost of running the building.

I have today received the figures for running Moseley Road baths – I have asked for similar figures for Sparkhill Baths, so that we can compare.

The figures are as follows:

Employees (if two pools are operating) - £264,454
Employees (if one pool is operating, as is the present case) – £221,712

Maintenance of building – £42,215
Energy (electricity and gas) - £36, 963
Rates – £11,585
Water – £16,762
Misc - £1497

Transport allowance - £340

Supplies and service (chemicals, materials, office supplies) – £13,161

Asset rentals - £17,404

Total outgoings (if one pool is operating) - £361,639

Sales on the door (if one pool is operating) - £87, 377
Sales on the door (if two pools are operating) - £132,364

Outgoings – income (if one pool is operating) = £274,262 - this is how much the pool is subsidized by the City


At 12:39 PM, Blogger Clive D Fraser said...

Although I'm concerned about the intensity of the development, I think that this is potentially much more socially beneficial than the previous use of the site.


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