Thursday, September 21, 2006

Section 215 notice served on former Sorrento hospital, Moseley

A section 215 notice has been served on the owner of the remaining parts of the old Sorrento hospital, Anderton Park road, Moseley. The owner now has 2 months to tidy up this eyesore property.

The notice has been served for 124 to 130 Anderton Park Road, Moseley. These are 4 huge Victorian buildings that have been empty since their closure as part of the Sorrento hospital complex in the early 1990’s. The buildings were bought and still owned by Mr Khalid Minhas, 132 Anderton Park Road, Moseley in 1999. Mr Minhas lives next door to the buildings.

The owner has allowed the buildings to crumple. At the moment there are large holes in the roof, windows smashed, graffiti covers the ground floor, large mature trees have collapsed in the front gardens and rubbish is regularly dumped in the front gardens.

The Council have tried to persuade the owner to sell the property to Registered Social Landlords, but he has refused.

The Section 215 notice forces the owner to tidy up the property, otherwise the Council will send contractors in and charge the owner.

The notice was served on the 14th September and the owner has 2 months to do the following:

Tidy up the roof, removing all loose debri and fill in the holes with either similar roof material or plywood painted black
Board up all windows and paint the boarding black
Remove all tree trunks, tree roots and debris in the front gardens
Remove all shrubs, roots, soil and other debris that obscure the front boundary wall and fence
Repair the existing stone boundary wall using similar materials
Replace the existing chain link fence with a new chain link fence
Prune all trees, bushes, shrubs and roots which are overhanging or encroaching onto Anderton Park Road – remove any debris from the site.

Councillor Mullaney has been campaigning for two years for the Council to start issuing Section 215 notices on eyesore properties in Birmingham. The Sorrento buildings are first in line of many eyesore properties in Moseley and Kings Heath that will be served with Section 215 notices in the coming year.


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