Monday, August 14, 2006

As mentioned previously, the Council will soon be introducing a new method of installing dropped kerbs. This is an update are were we are with this.

Previously, the Council provided the quote and installed the dropped kerb.

With the new method, the Council will provide residents with a Council quote, plus a list of 10 accredited contractors. Residents will be allowed to get quotes from these contractors.

Residents will still have to pay an upfront charge for £140 (£30 for an Officer to inspect the site and provide measrements for any contractor - £110 for the council to supervise the work and make sure it is done to Council standards).

The report seeking approval for this new method is presently on the desk of the Cabinet member for Transportation awaiting his signature.

As soon as it is signed, there will be a two week delay the printing of leaflets for residents.

I will chased this issue up again in a week


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