Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Work for Community Service offenders in Moseley and Kings Heath

I've arranged a meeting with West Midlands Probation Service next Wednesday to discuss getting community service offenders to do work in Moseley and kings Heath.

What we are looking for are jobs that the offenders can do in the area - do you have any suggestions?

The types of jobs that they can do include bringing derelict areas and buildings back into public use, clearing church yards, repairing park benches, and removing graffiti.

From the probation service point-of-view they want jobs that will help the offenders learn new skills, give them confidence and enable them to take pride in their area.

The probation service will supervise the work, provide the tools and sandwiches. All they ask in return is access to a toilet.

The offenders live local and will have low to medium type offences eg driving offences, ended up in a scuffle at the weekend, first offences, etc.

What would be good in the medium term is to have a small committee who could provide a regular list of jobs for the offenders - the committee could consist of the Street Wardens, Environmental Wardens, Moseley in Bloom, Friends of various local parks, etc

Any thoughts?


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