Friday, September 08, 2006

Forthcoming extension of the multi-material in Moseley

A map showing the extension of the doorstep multi-material collection (plastics, metals and glass) into Moseley in October 2006 can be seen at

The map shows that only a small chunk of Moseley will be included in this round - namely the section north of Wake Green Road and east of Alcester Road.

It is anticipated that the rest of Moseley will be covered in the next extension of the multi-material collection in April 2007. All households in the city will have the multi-material collection by April 2008.

I was hoping that all of Moseley would have been covered in the extension in October. However, this extension has been spread evenly between the Council's 4 main refuse depots and the areas covered have been dictated by their refuse rounds. Most of Moseley is covered by Lifford Lane depot.


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