Thursday, May 18, 2006

Councillor walkabout of kings Heath in the Avenue Road and Highbury Road area– Tuesday 16th May 2006

Graffiti – Councillor Request mu01230 raised for items 4 to 10. Councillor Request mu01231 raised for items 11 and 12.
1) clothes and shoes recycling bin on Avenue Road is covered in graffiti - Green World Rec. Ltd informed through Councillor Request mu01227
2) Kappa paper recycling bin in Avenue Road is filthy and needs a good clean – Kappa Paper informed through Councillor Request mu01228
3) post box, corner of Avenue road and Grange Road, has large FBK tag on it – needs repainting - – Royal Mail informed through Councillor Request mu01229
4) several graffiti tags on brick pumping station across the road from 57 Avenue Road
5) several tags on brick wall next to 64 Avenue Road – tags are EASY and FBK
6) several graffiti tags on wooden fence next to 69 Avenue Road
7) lots of graffiti tags on wooden fence of abandoned shop unit at corner of Avenue Road and Station Road
8) graffiti tag MENCK on the side boundary wall of 147 Highbury Road – wall faces Station Road
9) graffiti tag MENCK on wall across the road from 114 Highbury Road
10) graffiti tags on side of garages in Silverfield Close – could you check whether this could be blasted off?
11) tag on white wall next to 239 Grange Road needs painting over
12) wall in entry to the side of 133 Highbury Road needs painting over


Dumped rubbish for Lifford Lane depot to remove

Action for the Selly Oak Hit Squad to remove

Bin bags on pavement

Large domestic furniture items in front gardens

Section 4 notice required on property to remove litter/rubbish that attracts rats or provides them with a place to nest – Councillor Request mu01231 raised
13) Accumulation of litter at the entrance to flat xx, xxx Highbury Road

Shopping trolleys

Unnessary road signs

Miscellaneous items
14) Station Road needs resurfacing from Avenue Road to York Road - Councillor Request mu01232 raised
15) there is still an 2 inch thick layer of debris next to the garages next to 27 Balaclava Road - this needs shoveling up - Councillor Request mu01233 raised


At 3:56 PM, Blogger oooo said...

mr martin mullaney i am a graffiti hater myself and u r a stupid invesil for putting your name on this statement because you are going to be targeted by graffiti artists and make our comuunity a poo hole ............................beware?????


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