Saturday, April 08, 2006

Pitmaston planning application is called in for non-determination

The agent behind the planning application to turn the Pitmason building into residential flats has appealed to the Government for non-determination of the application. Pitmaston is at the corner of Russell Road and Moor Green Lane. The building was built in the 1930's, although the surrounding gardens date from the 1870's.

The office building is Grade ii listed, and is in Moseley Conservation Area

The planning application involved the conversion of the existing Grade II listing building into residential accomadation and the erection of a new 3 storey residential block to the rear of the building.

All planning applications have to be determined within a set period - this can vary from 3 to 13 weeks depending on the size of the development. If the application is not determined within that period, then the applicant can request that a Government inspector determines the planning application. This is what has happened with this application.

The planning officers had originally recommended approval of the planning application, however following a site visit, the members of the planning committee deferred the decision minded to refuse - this meant that the Council Officers would have to come back with a report detailing the legal reasons to refuse the application. Members of the committee were concerned about the need to change quality office space into residential accomadation (and it's impact of Moseley as a whole) and the impact of the new build on the setting of the listed building.

The method that the government inspector will use to decide the planning application has still to be determined. However, it is most likely to be a public hearing in the summer


At 1:38 AM, Blogger Doug said...

Ideal Benefits planning application: The new application is requesting permission for a 3 and 4 storey block of flats in the grounds as well as conversion of the main building to flats. A big thank you to Martin who has been active in trying to preserve this wonderful site in this wonderful suburb of a great city. Lets keep Moseley and Birmingham great by supporting planning that enhances our environment and lets conserve the conservation area!!


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