Saturday, April 01, 2006

Councillor walkabout of kings Heath (from my house in Southlands Road to Highbury Road and back) – Wednesday 31st March 2006

Graffiti – Councillor Request mu01157 raised for items 1 to 6. Councillor Request mu01159 raised for items 7 and 8.
1) green and black coloured ‘CLUE’ graffiti tags on the wooden fence of golf club at the corner of Springfield Road and Brook Lane – photograph supplied
2) graffiti tags ‘NEMO’ ‘J’ and CLUE ABC’ on brick wall across the road from 148 Addison Road
3) red coloured graffiti tag ‘CLUE’ on brick wall across the road from 120 Addison Road
4) yellow coloured graffiti tag ‘CLUE’ on brick across the road from 114 Addison Road
5) graffiti tags on wall across the road from 226 Grange Road – photograph supplied
6) large blue ‘AVFC’ graffiti tag next to 133 Highbury Road – photograph supplied
7) wooden door across the road from 133 Highbury Road needs painting over – door is part of 122a Highbury Road – photograph supplied
8) graffiti tag on yellow ‘ATTENTION’ sign at entrance to Silver Street car park

Dumped rubbish for Lifford Lane depot to remove Councillor Request mu01158 raised
9) wooden boards and bags of rubbish on pavement in front of 139 Billesley Lane – can they be removed?
10) litter bin in front of shop on the corner of Institute Road and Goldsmith Road is full and over flowing –the immediate area needs litter picking especially the first 40 yards of Goldsmith Road
11) litter bin in front of Bishop Challenor school entrance on Institute Road is full and overflowing
12) can we get the mechanical pavement sweeper to regularly sweep pavement in the cul-de-sac that is formed by house numbers 27 to 39 Balaclava Road? – photo of cul-de-sac is attached

Action for the Selly Oak Hit Squad to remove – Councillor Request mu01159 raised
13. grass verge in front of Tyre Sales is full of litter – photograph is supplied
14. large amount of litter on the grass verge around St.Dunstans private car park, at the rear of Woolworths – two photographs supplied
15. grass verge next to Quids Worth, Silver Street is still a mess. There is now a settee dumped in the car park next to this grass verge – photo supplied
16. large amounts of domestic rubbish being dumped on land to the rear of 47 Silver Street – this is an abandoned shop unit. Land is accessed from Fairfield Road Bin bags on pavementnone

Large domestic furniture items in front gardens – Councillor Request mu01159 raised
17) settee and rubbish in front garden of 118 Westfield Road
18) mattress in front garden of 108 Westfield Road
19) rubbish in front garden of 52 Westfield Road
20) mattress and bed in front garden of 64 Station Road
21) carpet in front garden of 37 Station Road
22) wooden piano in front garden of 29 Station Road

Section 4 notice required on property to remove litter/rubbish that attracts rats or provides them with a place to nest – Councillor Request mu01159 raised
23) front garden of xxx Cambridge road is mess – full of litter. Is this house abandoned?

Miscellaneous items – Councillor Request mu01160 raised for items 24 and 25. Councillor Request mu01162 raised for items 26
24. rubbish still needs clearing from next to Council owned garages in Balaclava Road
25. evidence of prostitution taking place next to Council owned garages in Balaclava Road – neighbours are complaining and there are lots of used condoms there. Need to investigate getting a barrier installed.
26. Ruprai Food and Wines, 112-114 Station Road are still leaving wooden crates on the pavement of Westfield road – can we take enforcement action?


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