Monday, April 03, 2006

Survey results of tree survey of Moseley and Kings Heath Ward

I've uploaded an Excel spreadsheet showing the results of the recent tree survey of Moseley and Kings Heath Ward. This can be seen at:

The spreadsheet contains two worksheets - one worksheet contains data on the trees that had already been surveyed over the last three years as part of the on-going Council maintenance.

The other worksheet shows the trees recently surveyed - this shows that we have over 1000 trees that need work doing to them. As part of the recent increase in tree maintenance budget by the Council, work has already begun on this backlog - work has recently been done in Clarence Road, Woodfield Road, Cambridge Road and Blenheim Road.

All these trees are plotted on maps and I will get copies of these in the near future.

I also need to sit down with the tree officers and pull together a 10 maintenance programme.

With regards to planting new trees, I am quite happy to set aside £10,000 per year from the Community Chest for the planting of new trees each December - this is subject to approval by the Ward Committee. I calculate that £10,000 will pay for the planting of 40 trees in paved areas. So for example 40 trees is probably enough to tree line both Cambridge Road and Prospect Road.

After the Election we need to sit down and work out where are the priority roads for tree planting and what type of trees.

The type of trees will involve much debate, since we need to decide what are the most appropriate type of trees to fit the character of the area and attract wildlife. We also need to decide, which roads limes could be planted on - limes are controversial since they produce honeydew which mucks up parked cars and front gardens, BUT they do support alot of wildlife such as songbirds.


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