Wednesday, March 01, 2006

three vacant properties in Moseley - update

Update on three high profile properties in Moseley, namely:
1) 128 to 130 Anderton Park Road - former part of Sorrento hospital
2) 5 Oxford Road
3) 33 and 35 Cotton Lane

1) 128 and 130 Anderton Park Road. These are two large victorian properties, which as a Councillor I get regular members of the public asking me what is happening with them. This is exercerbated by the fact they look a vandalised eyesore - with smashed windows and dumped rubbish in the frontage.

The properties are owned by the next door neighbour at 132 Anderton Park Road and the Council's Officers have for some considerable time being trying to persuade the owner to either get them re-occupied or sold.

The Council were planning to issue a Section 215 notice on the owner last August to force them to tidy the property up. However, the property was badly damaged by the tornado and it was felt that the owner needed time to remove this tornado damage. This has not been done and the property is in the same condition as it was on the 29th July 2005.

Political pressure is being now put on the Planning Department to serve the section 215 notice.

The owner has promised to re-erect the permeter fence, which has been down since the tornado and which has allowed significant dumping to occur on the site. The Council are now removing this dumped rubbish.

Finance is being pulled together to start the compulsory purchasing process of this property.
2) 5 Oxford Road is a wonderful art and crafts building that has been empty since the owner died and the ownership of the property is stuck in the middle of probate. Council officers have now issued warnings that they want this probate resolved asap otherwise compulsory purchase action will take place.

Officers have contacted the relatives and the police to say that we want the person who is living in the car in the front garden removed.

3) Number's 33 & 35 Cotton Lane are long term void 1930's semi-detached property in a very attractive part of Moseley. Number 35 is currently undergoing work and should bereoccupied as soon as completed.No 33 Cotton Lane is going on the market this year once all legalities are out of the way.


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