Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Labour’s disingenuous comments over Moseley Road baths – part 2

Labour’s disingenuous comments over Moseley Road baths – part 2

As news reverberates of the Labour run Birmingham City Council’s decision to stop swimming at Moseley Road baths in the near future, plus their abandoning of a bid to the Heritage Lottery fund which would have secured the future of the baths, it is worth reminding ourselves of the following question? How did we find out this information? Did the Council do a formal announcement? No. Did the local Councillors do an announcement through e-mail or twitter or leaflet? No. Did the Labour run administration inform the staff at Moseley Road baths? No

How we found out was through the Friends of Moseley Road baths asking questions and finally having a face-to-face meeting with the Councillors.

If you had e-mailed any of the Labour Councillors for Moseley and Kings Heath Ward and asked about the future of Moseley Road baths would you have found out? No, as the following shows.

A resident e-mailed Councillor Lisa Trickett before Christmas and asked what the future of Moseley Road baths was. The resident got the following response. Now remember, this response was sent AFTER the meeting with the Friends of Moseley Road baths, where they were told of the decision to stop swimming in Moseley Road baths, most likely in 2015 AND to hand over the building to another organisation. REMEMBER THAT when reading the following response from Councillor Lisa Trickett

“The Deputy Leader and I along with Sparkbrook Councillors and relevant officers met with Friends of Moseley Roads Baths yesterday and talked though the options before us which includes approaching English Heritage to see if interim support can be provided to secure the building, whilst reviewing the options in terms of a future business plan for the building. Boilers and building permitting Moseley Road Baths will continue as a swimming facility and the Council will be progressing in the medium to long term the redevelopment of Sparkhill Baths.
We committed yesterday to continuing to engage with and work with both the community and Friends of Moseley Road Baths and I will keep you also informed of matters as they progress.”

Does the above mention anything about stopping swimming? No. Indeed, it gives the impression that swimming will continue. Very disingenuous, I think.


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