Monday, December 17, 2012

Labour’s broken promise on Moseley Road baths

Labour’s broken promise on Moseley Road baths

With the news that the Labour administration have withdrawn the Heritage Lottery bid to restore Moseley Road baths still fresh – see and - it is worth re-visiting what the Labour Party promised in the 2012 local elections. 

......and lo and behold, here’s the Labour promise given to the Friends of Moseley Road baths – see - written by Moseley and Kings Heath Labour Councillor, Lisa Trickett. 

The key paragraph is the 3rd paragraph where she says: 
“We continue to urge the Council to take corporate responsibility, however, following representations from myself and Cllr Kennedy, I am delighted to be able to confirm that the Labour Group has now agreed that in the event of Labour taking control of the Council, the Baths would be made a corporate responsibility enabling the combined capabilities and resources of the Council, community and key stakeholders to be brought to bear in securing a future for the Baths.” 

Since that promise was made, Labour have taken power in Birmingham and they have NOT made Moseley Road baths a corporate responsibility. It is still run by the local Constituency, that Councillor Trickett said “Constituency Committees do not have the powers or resources to deliver on such a significant asset.” 

As residents in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward are discovering, both their Labour Councillors seem to be happy to repeatedly break their election promises.......and I haven’t even gone through the long list of promises broken by Labour Councillor Martin Straker-Welds.


At 4:14 PM, Blogger James Layton said...

I still think there are people in the community that will put a foot forward and help. I am currently writing a novel about a young girl from Birmingham during WW2 and have enquired about accessing the baths for a photo shoot for the books cover. I will see how it goes. As for this blog, well it's an eye opener to say the least. I actually grew up in Kingstanding but I sympathise with the plight. The Erdington/Kingstanding baths were bulldozed too. But chin up, I might see you down Moseley Road in January 2013 if I get permission to shoot. Regards James


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