Monday, July 30, 2012

Councillor Jerry Evans condemn Albert’s centralising diktat on District Committees

Councillor Jerry Evans condemns Albert’s centralising diktat on District Committees

Cllr Jerry Evans (Lib Dem, Springfield Ward) has condemned Birmingham City Council's new Labour administrations decision forcing District Committees to meet in the Council House during the day as a backward step for genuine local democracy.

Jerry said:

“The Council’s decision to impose a new protocol regarding the venue for District meetings is to ensure that Sir Albert gets his way by preventing the Districts who want to hold meetings in local venues from doing so.

“This is control freakery at its worst and a “slap in the face” for Yardley & Sutton Coldfield districts which are controlled by Lib Dem & Conservative councillors who want to hold their District meetings in local venues.

“The arguments regarding effective use officer time simply don’t stand up. The report admits that there is pressure on meeting rooms in the Council House. Hiring alternative venues within in the city centre would be expensive & not cost effective”.

“Labour claims it wants to enhance devolution – this decision suggests this is purely lip service to the concept”

Commenting on the revised protocol Cllr Sue Anderson (Chair Yardley District Committee) said “Holding meetings in the city centre during the day will reduce if not eliminate attendance by members of the public. District meetings are about local services & community issues why is Albert making it difficult for people to attend?

“This decision is a step backwards. There is no legal reason why these meetings can not be held locally. How can this decision that prevents public participation equate to the councils desire to involve people in the localisation of council services”.


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