Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birmingham City Council underspent by £10.2million in 2011/12

Birmingham City Council underspent by £10.2million in 2011/12

The new Labour administrations claim that the previous Conservative-Liberal Democrat administration was financially incompetent has been left in tatters today with the release of the end of year financial figures for 2011/12. The figures show that that last year, the Council stayed within budget and actually achieved an underspend of £10.2million.

The new Labour administration has been claiming for the last four months that they would find the previous administration had left them a large black hole in the financial figures. Not only has their incorrect use of the financial term ‘black hole’ shown them to be totally financially illiterate, but there is no ‘black hole’ as they claim.

The financial figures were due to be released at the June, but the Labour administration withheld them, clearly in the hope of manipulating them to prove an overspend.


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