Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update on the Meteor Ford chestnut tree

Update on the Meteor Ford chestnut tree

Councillor Ernie Hendricks has asked me to circulate the his message and the attached document. Both Ernie and Moseley Community Development Trust (CDT) organised a meeting between Tesco representatives and numerous Moseley organisations. The notes from the meeting sound positive and can be downloaded at

The background to the meeting can be read at

Councillor Ernie Hendricks message is as follows:

Dear resident

Many of you will be aware of our efforts to save the Chestnut Tree at the Meteor Ford site. A group of us had a meeting yesterday with representatives from Tesco. As was expected, they gave a number of logical reasons as to why the tree had to go. However, they have gone away to review our suggestions which were;

· Is the tree’s ability to withstand change being understated?

· Can the boreholes that will affect the tree roots be dug at an angle?

· Can the tanks be filled with concrete rather than removed?

· Is it possible to retain the tree with the store footprint/position as it is now?

The good news is they have agreed to come back and have ongoing conversations with us. For further detail of the meeting, please see the attached note prepared by members of the group on behalf of the CDT.

Best wishes

Ernie Hendricks


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