Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mini-golf comes back to Cannon Hill Park after a 17 year absence

A private company will be installing a mini-golf course on the site of the original crazy golf course that closed in 1995. The company, Portable Mini Golf – have constructed the 18 holes off site and will be assembling it on site as of Monday. The course will be open on 31st March, with free entry to the first 100 customers.

I attach a poster that will be put up next to the old crazy golf course tonight. The photograph on the poster shows the holes assembled at another location – these will be used in Cannon Hill Park.

The course will be in place until the end of September and the company will test the appetite for mini-golf at this location. If it proves successful, then the company are prepared to install a permanent mini-golf course here and pay the Council an annual rent.

This golf course is costing the Council nothing and the company are doing this market test at their own financial risk.

If it is successful, then the company are interested in trying mini-golf at other city parks, plus also test ‘Forest Adventure, Go Ape’ where Zip-wires, Tarzan swings, rope ladders and high-wire crossing are set in small wooded copses.



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