Friday, February 03, 2012

Update on 582 Moseley Road, former tram depot offices

At yesterdays Planning Committee the state of the former tram depot offices at 582 Moseley Road at the corner of Trafalgar Road was discussed.

This followed a site visit to the building last week, which in turn was considering a planning application on the building.

I have more details and photos on the background to the site visit on my blog at

The Committee approved the planning application to alter the hipped roof, but added the condition that the work needed to be done within a 12 month period, otherwise legal action would be taken against the owner for outstanding works done without planning permission. In addition, the planning permission included a condition about remedial work to the boundary wall – this is the boundary wall that was not built to the correct materials and is so badly built it is not even level.

The site will be closely monitored by planning officers, with visits on a regular basis.

Building Consultancy have already been asked to take action about the danger posed by the stacked tiles on the roof, the broken drains etc. If you have a look at the roofline of the building, you will see roof tiles stacked up on the roof ledge, ready to be blown off with a strong gust of wind.

In their discussion several Councillors asked for regular reports back to them about progress and the Chief Planning Officer said that he wouldn’t normally be able to do this but this was such an ‘exceptional case’ that he agreed that there would be reports to committee every 3 months. He said that the new agent is much more cooperative than the previous one and had already agreed to a schedule of works to be carried out over 12 months.


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