Friday, February 18, 2011

Update on Kings Heath Library temporary closure – 18th February 2011

At the moment Kings Heath Library is temporarily closed. The background to this closure can be read at

And at

Work to install the permanent scaffolding, which will allow the library to re-open, will be finished on Saturday 19th February – this is one week ahead of schedule. Our plan is to re-open the library on 5th March.

Mindful that we are one week of ahead of schedule and that the library is increasingly suffering from a leaking roof – a new leak has appeared in the last week which resulted in some ceiling plaster falling onto the library below – we are using the opportunity to get a quote for putting one layer of bitumen felt across the entire flat section of the roof and hopefully having this in place by the re-opening date of 5th March.

If we can get this felt installed, this will keep the library water tight for at least 5 years, whilst we find the money to completely refurbish the roof and skylights. It will hopefully stop any more ceiling plaster falling into the library, during that period.

Between now and 5th March, the staff will be putting all the computer equipment back into the IT room and library itself – all the equipment is presently filling the entire Children’s Section.

I attach several photos, which I took on Thursday 16th February.

Photographs 1 and 2 show the permanent scaffolding

Photograph 3 shows the two boxed in vertical sections of the permanent scaffolding. The remaining vertical sections of the permanent scaffolding will be boxed in by Saturday.

Photographs 4 and 5 show the bowing of two of the skylights

Photograph 6 shows a crack in the roof felt which has allowed water to penetrate the concrete flat roof, which in turn has resulted in part of the plaster ceiling underneath to fall off into the library. You will also notice previous attempts to seal this crack with special sealing paint.

Photograph 7 is a general photograph of the flat roof. As you walk around this roof, you see small cracks in the felt, which is letting in water.



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