Thursday, January 13, 2011

Update on refuse collection – Thursday 13th January

As you will have seen from the local media the industrial dispute by our permanent refuse collectors has been suspended. This includes the ‘work to rule’ or ‘go slow’ and the overtime ban. More talks between trade unions and the Councils team continue next Tuesday.

I’ve just been updated by our Waste Management team as to what will be happening to clear the domestic rubbish and recycling backlog.

The proposal on domestic rubbish is to have ALL black bags collected by 5pm tomorrow (Friday)

The proposal on recycling materials is to have them ALL collected by 5pm Sunday. Both permanent and casual workforces will be working over the weekend.

I’ll be driving around the Ward between 1pm and 2pm tomorrow afternoon noting down any roads with uncollected black bags. Please e-mail me during this time if your domestic rubbish in Moseley and Kings Heath Ward hasn’t been collected

I’ll be driving around the Ward over the weekend spotting any uncollected recycling material. Again please e-mail at noon Saturday and noon Sunday if your recycling rubbish hasn’t been collected.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger HughW said...

And Moseley Road baths.......?


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