Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update on refuse strike – Tuesday 11th January

I attach a map of Moseley and Kings Heath Ward showing where black bin bags still need collecting as of 5pm this evening.

As you will see from the map, the permanent refuse collectors collected only half of the roads in north Moseley that there were supposed to do today. These roads will be cleared tomorrow by our casual crew.

I’ve asked if we can in addition to the north Moseley roads if we can clear the following tomorrow.

Rear of Queens Avenue, off Heathfield Road. There’s a narrow alley next to the Reupholstery shop

Torridon Croft

Stanley Place, off St Marys Row

Church Avenue, off St Marys Row (some bags are left in the alleyway to the rear of the properties)

To illustrate the ‘go slow’ by the permanent refuse workers:

Prior to the ‘work to rule’ beginning 20th December, each crew of permanent workers averaged a daily collection of 20.95 tonnes per crew

With the ‘work to rule’ (ie now), each crew of permanent workers averaged a daily collection of 13.59 tonnes per crew.

The 19 ‘casual’ crews were averaging 26.7 tonnes per crew after only one week OR the casual crews were collecting 27% more after one week of operation than the permanent refuse ever achieved prior to the strike.

As I have said in previous up dates, any crews showing a significant drop in collection rates, taking into account sickness, are having their wages reduced accordingly.


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